About us

Xfly Aviation School is associated with the Estonian airline Xfly (Regional Jet OÜ in the commercial register), which today operates 23 aircraft and is the largest Estonian airline in history. The company does not sell airline tickets itself but provides air services with its aircraft and crews to larger airlines as a Capacity Provider.

Our major customers are the best-known airline in Northern Europe - SAS, and the Polish national airline LOT Polish Airline. We have also provided our services to the domestic airline Nordica and many other airlines all over Europe. In 2018, we carried a total of about 2 million passengers and performed more than 36,000 flight operations.

Xfly's largest base is located in Tallinn, where a total of 7-8 planes stay overnight. The company is also headquartered here. In addition to Tallinn, we are based in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Billund, Aarhus, Vilnius, Gällivere, and Groningen. In 2020, 7 Embraer-type aircraft will be added to the fleet. Before 2021, we will operate almost thirty aircraft.